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Nico Adamo
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I'm an eleventh grade student with a passion for math and programming. My current interests lie in the field of machine learning - specifically, in all things adversarial. I'm working on projects related to "Tricking" neural networks, and also making neural networks moire resilient to targeted attacks. For more information, be sure to check out my community post on "Colorful Fraud"!

My specialty in math is algebraic geometry; specifically, modular forms acting as the moduli space of elliptic curve. I'm currently researching a very interesting conjecture of zeta-type cohomology intimately connected to Arekelov Geometry, deformation theory and the Langlands Program.

I've served as a moderator on many sites, including spending more than a year as the lead moderator on Hopscotch, a site designed to train young kids to code.

While most of my work is in STEM, my interests and activities go well beyond math and programming. I am on my school's Mock Trial team and have won many awards for my work in that activity, including 'Best Witness' at the 2017 Empire Mock Trial competition and 'Best Witness in the Nation' at the National High School Mock Trial Competition 2018. I currently serve as a coach for my school's Middle School Mock Trial team. I am a long-time pianist and composer in both classical and jazz genres.