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Scott Hutchison
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LOCATION: Canmore, Alberta, Canada
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A Canadian currently in my 15th year as an educator of Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics, I have been teaching combinations of Chemistry, Biology, and Math for grades 9-12 (American, Canadian, IB, IGSE). This teaching experience has occurred in several different settings, including a Private Ski/Mountain Adventure School, Public High Schools and International Schools in Singapore and Saudi Arabia.

Prior to becoming a full time classroom teacher, I spent an equal amount of time as a lead guide for two Canadian kayak expedition companies. Greenland, Haida Gwai, Ellesmere, Belize and Patagonia represent a few of the geocultural landscapes explored.

I have a passion for all things natural from the particles that make up matter to the systems that govern climate and a desire to lead students in their adventures acquiring new knowledge, in their quest for answers, and in their discovery of who they are. I aspire to have each student connect lessons with prior experience and learning, for each student to develop their skills of reflection, and for each student to realize their potential for continued engagement within the global community.

M.Sc- Buffalo State University; B.Ed.- Queen's University; B.Kin - McMaster University