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For this specific example you could append `// StringReplace["0.5" -> "1/2"]`. Is there a reason for wanting to do this? Python will convert 1/2 to a floating point number anyway. Were you planning to use the `fractions` module?
Looks like a bug, you should report it to Wolfram Support. I tried using `FrameLabel` instead but no label is displayed.
Hi Warren, There is a syntax error, a missing comma, in the `FinancialData` expression. Try data = FinancialData["SP500", "AdjustedOHLCV", {{2008, 7, 01}, {2016, 9, 30}}]
Hint: Use `IntegerDigits`, `Map` and `Style`.
WL supports [these]( named characters. To generate the list programmatically, see [this]( post on MSE.
This if[FE, , DeleteFile[FILENAME]]; should be If[FE, DeleteFile[FILENAME]]; WL built-in symbols start with an uppercase letter. Better to avoid using symbol names that start with an uppercase letter to avoid potential conflicts.
Hi Ziggy, "Visualization" generates a `Graph`. ds = CreateDataStructure["BinaryTree", 1 -> {2 -> {5, Null}, 8}]; viz = ds["Visualization"] Head@viz (* Graph *) Any `Graph` / `Graphics` options can be applied to it ...
This has syntax errors, check the documentation for `PDF`. pdf = PDF[NormalDistribution[0, 1], [Xi]]
Try using the [official version]( from Wolfram Research.
Try using the [official version]( from Wolfram Research.