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David Stephenson
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LOCATION: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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Hi There.. Name's Dave.

Basically, I'm an amateur software engineer with over 25 years experience working with Windows-based C/C++ & T-SQL (both Microsoft), among other technologies.

After having read Stephen Wolfram's amazing article, "Finally We May Have a Path to the Fundamental Theory of Physics… and It’s Beautiful", I realized that he might be right, especially in light of the brilliant work achieved (since?) by Jonathan Gorard.

So my immediate goal is to produce a Windows executable that takes as input one or more Wolfram Physics Model rules (via GUI), plus the Initial Conditions for same (via GUI), that will (hopefully) be able to output the billions (or trillions) of data points of the resultant "Universe" into a single SQL Server database (which you create for the purpose).

Now that I'm in the debugging stage of that endeavor, I find myself with questions about how the Wolfram Physics Model actually works in practice. So I certainly hope some of you can help in that regard.