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MovingAverage: or KalmanFilter: I don't know statistics to justify either one. But which one would you recommend to do...
I imported a csv file into Mathematica and I want to append columns to it: Append[Data[[i]], Cycle[i][[15, j]]], {i, 1, Length[CycleStartTime]}]; This allows me to append one column, what if I want to append more columns?
I've been told to use the save function instead of export, what is this? When would it be advantageous to use this feature?
![enter image description here][1] If the y-axis in the image corresponds to MLT, and we are looking at a number of orbits. How do you interpret the way the lines are with respect to an orbit? If I zoom in closer: ![enter image description...
Hi there, how can I change the export directory other than C:\Users\LogInName\Documents\ ? I tried Insert-> File Path but that doesn't work.
Hi Rohit, this worked.
Hey Shenghui, can you refer me to resources on how to do this? I've never heard of this before. Thank you