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Tobias Canavesi
New data analysis from Peter Riley was added: Deep neural network detection & clinical staging of COVID-19 chest X-rays
[@Jonathan Gorard][at0] I explained the 4D version of it better in the paper linked in this new thread: [at0]:
Cool stuff. I can't reproduce it on Mathematica 12, though. The image processing part at the beginning : x=ImageAdjust[Erosion[Dilation[DeleteSmallComponents[Dilation[EdgeDetect[i],20]],BoxMatrix[100]],120]] returns a black image.
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Hi! What a nice job. We have to talk in the poster session, since in my work I found some particularities for the positive curvature spaces that could help to understand the relationship between these models and the gauge/gravity duality.
Hello everyone, I leave you the data of Argentina updated on April 25. How can you observe with more data the models fit much better, each one of them was trained with 40 cases. Greetings! ...