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Thanks David for your answer..The mistake was exist in my last command as I forgot to take the mean of average probability!!!.
How to make grid of plots with a single pair of FrameLabels? I need a code similar to the below one. Actually, I could not find the command "figure panel" in Mathematica version 9!!!.. textit["x"], BufferB -> 3, YFrameLabels ->...
However, I've pointed out for my question by an arrow at the permutation as mentioned below, which I need to write it correctly 
Thanks for your reply, but I need to get a result in summation form, and Not in Gamma function. 
Thanks so much Udo for your support..I really appreciate your answer.  regards, Yahia
Hi  Actually, I was looking for Laplace transform, but I think it's difficult.  Do you have any suggestions?  Thanks
Hi Oleksandr, In fact, I am willing to inquire if I can plot the following function with scattered data instead of histogram graph as I want to compare this with the analytical graph below[mcode]f = Product[ 1 - (Gamma[m, (m...
Dear Peter, Thanks for your answer. In fact,  I would like to know which theorem you used to build your formula as I could not see Product function for i (1 to M) which has direct efferct on the output.. Your cooperation is highly appreciated!!
The graph has been plotted but I used Table option as follows:  data2 = Table[{S, f}, {S, 0, 40}] G2 = ListLogPlot[data2, PlotRange -> {10^-4, 1}, Ticks -> {Automatic, ticks}, GridLines -> Automatic, Frame -> True] I think it's wrong...
How to obtain the derivative and Integral of Product function?