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Page breaks with writing assistant

Posted 1 year ago
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I have a problem that I hope someone has a solution for. I'm using Writing Assistant to write a book in Mathematica. After selecting the page break button on Writing Assistant, I find that Mathematica inserts two page breaks at the start and end of the (hidden) cell. So when I print the document, it throws a whole blank page.

How do I ensure that only one page break is inserted?

3 Replies

Hi Jonathan, You are right, the page break is inserted twice since both PageBreakAbove->True and PageBreakBelow -> True are set for the PageBreak cell (WRI guys, to you attention, you need to remove one of them). One immediate solution you may use, is to insert a page break after the cell you want to, as an option to that cell. Let the cursor be in that cell, than Menu Format->Option Inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+O or CMD+SHIFT+O for short) Set the PageBreakBelow to True, and you are done yehuda


Thank you - that fix works well.

I have always found myself manually deleting the extra pages after finishing up with my document, which didn't always work since i missed some blank pages but it's great to finally find an easy solution. Thanks.

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