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Programming Lab desktop 11.1.1 "breaks" after Save?

Posted 1 year ago
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I work with an all up-to-date Windows 10 and Programming Lab 11.1.1 on a pretty mighty Lenovo W530 workstation laptop.

When I work with some notebook within PL-Desktop, I save it from time to time. I.e. "save to Wolfram Cloud". Then the desktop-UI breaks in some sense. I can no longer place the cursor (it ist invisible), I cannot select text, I cannot copy or paste text and I cannot evaluate cells with Shift+Enter anymore. It is a nightmare to work in that state. Fortunately some of the menu options after selecting a cell still work, e. g. "Evaluate Cell".

Things like ESC, Alt+".", Cntl-Break do not help at all.

After some time or action - I have no idea why and when - this annoying state just disappears. But until then I am on the horror trip losing all my work.

I think I had this problem occasionally under Wolfram 11.0. But now with 11.1.1 it ist persistent.

Does anybody have similar experiences? Or better: Does anybody have an idea how to get ret rid of that inacceptable status? Or is there some software-fix somewhere?

Posted 1 year ago

I think, I know now how that bug works. It's pretty trivial.

After "Save" you just have to select any other Window on your desktop and then get back to your notebook-window. Then everything seem to be alright again.

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