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Laptop crashing when starting Mathematica 9


After installing mathematica 9.0.1 and I open the program to activate my trial the program stops working and windows is trying to find a solution. This is on windows 7 and as far as I can see my computer meets the requirements for mathematica 9. I tried installing it exactly the same way on my desktop and it didn't crash and I got to the activation part. I have uninstalled it completely and reinstalled several times and did a number of restarts of the computer. The crash happens right after the logo pops up on my screen. I don't know what other information is needed to answer this but feel free to ask.
POSTED BY: Anders Nielsen
8 months ago
Perhaps something in theese links can help:

Troubleshooting Mathematica
Fixing Common Problems by Resetting Mathematica to Its Default Configuration

If that doesn't fix it I suggest you mail
POSTED BY: Simon Schmidt
8 months ago
If you write, please include the output from running
in a command-prompt window (via Start - Programs - Accessories, or Start - Run - cmd.exe)  
(This is long. Copy and paste it into return email or put it into a file and attach the file.) 

Does the Mathematica Kernel run?  That might be a useful datum.
To launch the kernel in MS-Windows, click Start menu - Programs -
Wolfram Mathematica - Mathematica 9 Kernel.

Does the computer crash, or does Mathematica fail to launch?
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
8 months ago