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Mathematica Version 3.0 needed please - want to purchase.

Posted 1 year ago
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Mathematica Version 3.0 needed please - want to purchase. Bill 760 253 5261

6 Replies

I'd suggest contacting Wolfram sales directly -- you'd need a license anyway. I'm pretty sure that they have, at the very least, disk images of all their products.

I'm not sure if this was the first release that came on a CD or not. I know that 2.2 was distributed on floppies.

I still have the book, but not the installation material.

Thank you so much for trying George. I tried Wolfram sales - they pointed me here - told me to post a wanted ad... Worked since you saw it. This may not be so easy... I need to be able to run Exploring Abstract Algebra with Mathematica - 'Allen C. Hibbard' - an old CD from 1998 that will play nice with Mathematica 3.0

I'll be happy to pay $100 for Mathematica Version 3.0 - would like to purchase if you know of anyone you could split this amount - take half for a finders fee?

Thanks for responding to my inquiry. Bill 760 253 5261

Posted 6 months ago

I believe that I still have my CD for version 3. It was a student license for the linux version. I don't know if you'd be able to license it as a "student" or professional, but I will look for it today.

Did you try to see if the CD works with the current version? It might take an afternoon's work, but it is possible, as long as you have plain Mathematica notebooks. If the stuff was encrypted, forget it.

I have done this with some older notebooks, and it is tedious. The main versions that broke a lot of stuff are versions 3.0 and 6, and there was a tool in mathematic to update older versions. There is also documentation somewhere on the Wolfram site about what to do.

Posted 6 months ago

Bill, Are you still looking for a copy of 3.0?


The author of this package talks about how to get it working with M10.3 on his website:

Are you sure you need M3.0 for it?

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