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Conway's structures


Recently I noticed here a thread about gliders:

I must say that I have virtually almost no idea about "cellular autmatons" ("automata"?), but it reminded me about a book I have read quite a time ago (1979?).

Manfred Eigen, Ruthild Winkler: "Das Spiel, Naturgesetze steuern den> Zufall" ( ISBN 3-492-02331-2)

Manfred Eigen is a Nobel-Prize -Winner of 1967 in Chemistry ( for his work about very fast chemical reactions).

In this book several biochemical models are mentioned, which, as it seems, can well be described by cellular automata.

It is mentioned, that a lot of patterns with remarkable behaviour are described by Martin Gardner in "Mathematical Games" , Scientific American, Oct. 1970 and Feb. 1971 (citations given in the aforementioned book).

As I said I am a newby about cellular automata, and so I decided to write a procedure (in Mma 7) which is able to display a "gun", that is a device which emits periodically a glider, and an "eater" , which destroys the arriving glider. See the notebook attached.

First an oscillator and a glider are constructed and displayed, then the gun and eater, and finally both together.

I haven't looked at the behaviour of the system when the the patterns are shifted, but that could be easily done because I have provided a code which allows for translations.

Have a look at it, any comments are welcome.

POSTED BY: Hans Dolhaine
9 days ago

More interesting structures which can be easily coded (note that in the program you give the coordinates of occupied cells as an unstructured list; so if {1,1}, {5,2} and {3,9} are the positions of an object you put in { 1,1,5,2,3,9 } ) are given on these web-sites

POSTED BY: Hans Dolhaine
9 days ago

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