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Possible values for the Method option in ListContourPlot3D

What are the possible values for the Method option of ListContourPlot3D?

The documentation says that it controls "the method to use for interpolation and data reduction", but I can't find the possible setting for this option.
POSTED BY: Szabolcs Horvát
4 years ago
Good one! Let's see if your approach on finding more information at asking at the very source will reveal
more on this nebulous issue. Or it might be as usual and as a well known user once described it (2009):
"You must be member of Skull and Bones before you are entrusted with this information"
POSTED BY: Stefan Schwarz
4 years ago
Has any progress been made on figuring out the possible values of the "Method" option?
POSTED BY: Aaron Sutton
3 years ago

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