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When I am training a DNN (Deep Neural Network) a typical command is: NetTrain[trainCNN4a1, TrainSet, {"TrainedNet", "LossEvolutionPlot", "RMSWeightEvolutionPlot", "RMSGradientEvolutionPlot", "TotalTrainingTime",...
Thanks Sean! I think you are correct. I appreciate your insight on this issue. Now off to do more Deep Learning NN models.
11.1.0 is the version I have been using the last few months. The other version, 11.1.1 just came available in the last couple weeks, and for Wolfram Desktop in the last week I think.
Sebastian -> I am thoroughly enjoying using Mathematica 11.1 to explore and learn on DL technology, thanks for your team's excellent work.
Hi June, That is not what I am seeing, see my comments in the discussion. Thanks, Bryan