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Help with a ranking function and Mann Whitney Z Statistics

Posted 11 years ago
I am currently working in a project which needs to run a Mann Whitney Z Statistics  which  "is typically described as a non-parametric test for difference in location between two data samples . In such tests, the data from both samples are pooled, and the pooled data are then ranked. The rankings associated with the two samples are then used to form U(Z) statistics, which can be used to determine significant differences in the overall magnitude of the two distributions."  See a demonstration and example of such test given at this reference:

Time series analysis based on running Mann-Whitney Z Statistics

The bottomline question:

Is there any built-in function or package available in Mathematica for Ranking data set or related to Mann Whitney Statistics ?

The one give in the Standard package does not seem to do the trick.
POSTED BY: Eduardo Landulfo
The test is supported as one of many in LocationTest:
POSTED BY: Oleksandr Pavlyk
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