Wolfram Community Guidelines

First and foremost, we request that you please be respectful when interacting with other members of the community and our moderating team. Although the site is moderated by Wolfram employees, it is intended primarily as a way for visitors to get answers from other visitors. While Wolfram employees may occasionally offer help or suggestions, it will most likely be other users who respond according to their own experiences and levels of technical expertise. Wolfram employees are not required to participate on this forum.

Please observe all of the following rules:
  • Be respectful to other members and do not insult others or use obscene language.
  • Only post what you are allowed to. If you don't own the copyright, make sure you have permission from whoever does. Be aware that while you will maintain copyright on everything that you post, your content will be made available to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. Likewise, by posting here, you grant others the right to use and distribute your content.
  • No spamming. Do not clutter the boards with off-topic posts. We will modify or delete posts that don't add value to the discussion.
This site uses post-moderation (as opposed to pre-moderation), which enables fast communication. As a result, posts may occasionally appear that are later deleted. This is a necessary feature of sites that do not moderate or otherwise set up barriers in advance in order to handle a small subset of inappropriate posts.

Members of this forum are encouraged to fill out real-name, detailed professional profiles. This promotes members' work, helps networking and career development, and puts discussions in a meaningful perspective. Impersonation or having multiple accounts on the forum is not allowed. Leading companies' recruiters research our member directory, and in combination with the active Jobs & More Exchange board, our members face exciting career opportunities.

There are two types of discussions you can submit to this forum: "sharing an idea" and "asking a question."

We gladly welcome "sharing an idea"-type discussions where members account for their exciting experiences using Wolfram technologies. Many of these posts are selected for the editorial group Staff Picks, which gives high prominence to members' projects.

Questions posed to Wolfram Community are expected to have substantial Wolfram technology content. This is not a site for getting answers to routine homework problems. As a rule, problems of an obvious "homework assistance" nature will be deleted (along with any solutions that may have been posted prior to the moderator's decision to delete). Occasional exceptions may be made for questions that show obvious effort with reasonably concise Wolfram Language code, involve issues specific to the code and indicate clearly the points of difficulty.

Please bear in mind that this is also not a "debug my program" forum. Programming questions should be of a sort that is not readily answered by a simple check of documentation. This category includes issues regarding language syntax and basic functionality. We understand that people raising questions will have widely varying experience with the Wolfram Language and other Wolfram technologies and do not discourage questions from new users. We simply wish to avoid those that are more easily dealt with using readily available resources.

It is expected that questions will be complete in the following ways:
  • If a question is about an unexpected or undesired result, it must contain sufficient code for others to replicate the result.
  • It is also expected that problems be described using minimal examples—that is to say, they should not require users to wade through a mass of code just to isolate the problematic areas.
  • It must also contain a clear indication of what went amiss or what the desired result was.
Questions that do not meet these standards may evoke requests for further detail or may be deleted. If a question is cross-posted to other forums, this should be clearly indicated. A link to the other posting is also strongly recommended (and can be inserted after the fact by editing one's question). Such links save readers time, help to avoid duplication of effort and are quite useful for disseminating good responses.

This forum is made available for the discussion of Wolfram products and services. Excessive posts advocating or suggesting the use of a competitor's product are inappropriate, and we reserve the right to edit or delete such posts at our discretion.

Please note that this forum is not a customer support channel for Wolfram products and services. If you require direct assistance, please contact our service teams directly.

Wolfram reserves the right to modify or delete any posting or profile for any reason, without prior notification or explanation.

Wolfram Community is best experienced with a modern, up-to-date browser. We recommend using the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge.

Your use of this platform is also governed by the full Terms of Use.

Arguing with moderators on the forum about these guidelines or about moderators' actions is not allowed. If you have any questions or suggestions for moderators, contact them directly at wolfram-community@wolfram.com. Serious violations of these guidelines may result in suspension or removal of the offending Wolfram Community account.