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Math & Science teachers for computational thinking & Wolfram Language

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Next Generation Learning Academy in Sonoma County, California is currently seeking teachers for the 2017-18 academic year in math and in science. NGL Academy is a new private high school forming in Santa Rosa, CA, which offers high school students a learner-centered curriculum based in inquiry, experimentation, and exploration.

We are seeking teachers who see themselves as mentors, as joyful facilitators of student-driven inquiry. If you love to lecture and to hand out worksheets; if you see student questions as obnoxious challenges rather than invigorating opportunities; if you like tomorrow to look like today, and today like yesterday -- this job is not for you! But if you are looking for an opportunity to work in an exciting, innovative learning environment characterized by small class sizes, on-going individualized dialogue with your students as they develop academic and life skills as well as self-knowledge, and be well-compensated doing so, please send a resumé and a cover letter describing your qualifications and interest in the position.

We are particularly interested in instructors eager to incorporate computational thinking and the Wolfram Language into their instruction. We have developed our own curriculum around a set of core beliefs one of which is "Use Computational Resources and other technology to solve everyday problems." We believe that the well-educated individual makes full use of the tools at his/her disposal and understands that complex actions often require coordination and that sometimes complex actions are best done by complex machines. Not all tools are made of physical material; some exist in software. Moreover, we understand as well that our lives as well as our investigations can be improved by creating practical solutions that solve our problems. For the well-educated individual, technology should not be viewed as an afterthought but as the outward manifestation of our understanding. The right instructor will have broad leeway to shape the experience of students to be one that makes aggressive use of Wolfram Technology to ensure that nothing about this school is business as usual. (Note - while we are primarily looking for mathematics and science instructors we are also open to instructors in other subjects and to individuals interested in involvement in both instructional and curriculum development efforts.)

Preferences: MA or PhD in one of the relevant academic fields; teaching and curriculum development experience in grades 9-12; teaching and curriculum-development experience with project- and problem-based learning; Makerspace teaching experience; facility and comfort with technology; proficiency in Spanish. Candidates with experience or training in more than one discipline, and candidates with college and academic counseling experience, are highly desirable. If you would like more information about the Academy and its approach, please visit The benefactor of NGL Learning is TD Ameritrade founder and Chicago Cubs owner, Joe Ricketts. Mr. Ricketts also established Opportunity Education Foundation ( Please email resume to

I am Interested.

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