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Questions about webMathematica

Posted 11 years ago

I have some questions as follows :

Is it possible that the clients can view the result without installing the CDF Player?
If yes, Is it possible that the results can have the interative features without CDF Player?
If yes, which interactive technologies does it support? Applet, ActiveX, .NET Cotrol, Flash, Image & AJAX, HTML5?

Additionaly, I can’t type the return key(new line) in this dashboard.
so I made this words in other editor and copied & pasted them at this dashboard.
Please check this trouble.


Daniel Hong
POSTED BY: Daniel Hong
2 Replies
The full webMathematica doucmentation is available at:
POSTED BY: David Reiss
The answer is yes, clients do not need to install CDF player if you use webMathematica. webMathematica allows interaction without the CDF Player but you can't get some features like Locators and some other fancy stuff. 

Return works fine for me.
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