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How to learn Mathematica?

Posted 11 years ago
I am new to Mathematica. Please help me to learn Mathematica. My question is where I get the keywords and functions and example programs to learn.
6 Replies
Solve a problem with Mathematica you already solved without Mathematica.

Read at least one book of Roman Maeder: still very good: Programming in Mathematica

Look into the Standard Add-On Packages Mathematica distributes by default.

Read the Mathematica Journal on the Web.

Do not think you learn mathematics if you learn Mathematica.
Do not think you learn graphics design if you learn Mathematica.
<snip ... >

Even simpler - read the Wolfram blog, it contains cute program snippets.

Try to reimplement a standard built-in command and compare their work with your work ...

Ask questions, do not convert it into a bureaucratic job to know all commands and options in advance - you never will.
POSTED BY: Udo Krause
As a starting point, I recommend the "Hands-on Start to Mathematica" tutorial screencast series. This is one of our most popular tutorials to learn the basics of Mathematica, and will help you create your first notebook, perform calculations, create visualizations and make them interactive, and work with data.

Posted 11 years ago
Okay, so, let's go for the basic/general starting points from Wolfram here (since nobody else bothered):

Or, if you're in Mathematica (I'm referencing Mathematica 9, so YMMV), go to the Help menu and select: Documentation Center, Virtual Book or Function Navigator. All of these will give inline equivalents to many of the resources above. Though the web site has some additional tutorials, how-to's etc. So, take a look there as well.

Hope that all helps!
POSTED BY: Michael Gmirkin
For me this is the most complete list of resources: Where can I find examples of good Mathematica programming practice?

And there is there is the official Mathematica book that you can download for free in PDF format in this link.

It's old but it's really good. I have trained some people in Mathematica, and after some time and a lot of tests, in my opinion start with Mathematica Book is the best option.
POSTED BY: Rodrigo Murta
Hi!  We have lots of free ondemand courses available online for you to start learning how to program in Mathematica. For examle: An Introduction to MathematicaWe also have lots of how-to videos on the Wolfram Screencast and Video Gallery.
POSTED BY: Adriana O'Brien
Open a notebook in Mathematica, type Total and then press F1. A documentation window should open. Start reading from there. You can click on the F [...] icon on the top of the window right next to a little house (in the documentation window) and read the Function Navigator and Virtual Book. Do not buy any books because the free documentation is complete and pretty goofd. Google "wolfram demo" and open the first result and copy some sample codes from there. Start with the simple and small ones.

It takes time to learn Mathematica but the effort is worth it. It is just like learning any other language. Instead of memorizing everything at the begining, learn to code with the documentation next to you. 

Let me know if I can help you somehow.
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