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Customized StyleSheets, DockedCell and Palettes for Ebooks Editing

Posted 4 years ago
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Dear all,

I'm hoping to use Mathematica Notebook to prepare lecture notes and interactive documents for my courses. I found online great tools to make things easier such as in the following animation: ToolBar for Ebooks

and also such as on the Calculus textbook done by Eric Schulz in Calculus: Early Transcendentals.

However, i can't find any of the customized stylesheets, DockedCells or the Ebooks Palettes presented by Schulz in his TC presentation: Sharing Wisdom Gained from Publishing a CDF ebook.

I hope that such tools will be freely available in order to gain time to build something useful, or at least try to build similar ones that will be open and free for all. I already started to understand how it's done but really there is no complete documentation easy to follow, just individual functions.

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