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What's the difference: Wolfram One vs Wolfram Development Platform?

Posted 4 years ago
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We are about to purchase licenses and would be interested to learn the differences between a Wolfram One license and a Wolfram Development platform license (say, the PRODUCER variant)

Thanks a lot matthias

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In simple terms, the best way to explain the difference between Wolfram|One and Wolfram Development Platform is that WDP is a cloud only product, whilst Wolfram|One is hybrid Desktop and Cloud product. There are other differences in specifics between the products, which can be found in the following links:-

If you would like to know more or discuss in detail then please let me know and I’ll put you in contact with the sales person who looks after your location to ensure that you have all of the information that you require.

Best regards,

Geoff Dale


thanks a lot for your very fast reply. My problem, however, remains the same. The description for the Development Platform (PRODUCER edition) explicitly states: ' Take advantage of advanced features as you develop and deploy from the desktop or cloud. '

In addition to that sentence, the feature 'Wolfram Desktop with cloud and local* files' is explicitly included with the PRODUCER version. The very same Wolfram Desktop seemed to be mentioned in the Wolfram One page... So i fail to see in what ways Wolfram One would be more 'hybrid' (i.e. combining cloud and desktop)
than the Development Platform (including the Wolfram Desktop).

The only difference seems to be different respective sets of cloud credits, alpha API calls etc. But that surely would not justify a different product with its own branding.

I would be much obliged if you could shed some further light on the differences...

Thanks a lot, Best regards, Matthias

Hi Matthias, and thank you for your questions.

At this point, there aren't drastic product differences between the Wolfram Development Platform (WDP) and Wolfram|One. The only difference is licensing - subscription options, resource limits, etc. In the next few months, we will offer a perpetual license option for Wolfram|One, with service renewals for cloud access. (That is not planned for WDP)

Wolfram|One is not a product for Mathematica users. It is set to become the base product for everything besides Mathematica/Mathematica Online. We will build upon Wolfram|One to make it more flexible and make it the single best entry point into the Wolfram Language.

Wolfram Development Platform is focused on WL developers who want to create and deploy product software systems/applications. Wolfram Programming Lab (WPL) is focused on education and exploration. If you believe you don't match either of those descriptions, then Wolfram|One is probably your best best.

Thank you for your interest.

Clayton Voyles - Wolfram Research

Posted 4 years ago

Wolfram one Professional (including Wolfram Desktop) Wolfram one Professional Plus (including Wolfram Desktop) Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud Wolfram Development Platform Free Wolfram Development Platform Explorer Wolfram Development Platform Developer Wolfram Development Platform Producer Wolfram Development Platform Team Wolfram Development Platform Private Cloud Mathematica Online Standard Cloud Mathematica Online Standard Desktop Mathematica Online Standard Desktop/Cloud Mathematica Online Standard Enterprise Mathematica Data Science Platform (not out yet)

I'm still a bit confused. It seems to me there are two tracks and probably code bases. The mathematica desktop (and cloudversion) and the WL language products who are more Web/Browser based products. Is the WL desktop version a different technology stack (versus the Mathematica desktop version)? If so what are the future plans (just bought the full Mathematica Online Standard Desktop license) with the Mathematica desktop product? Are we going to see less investment in the MM products at the end? It would seem to make sense in a world where cloud (not the white stuff in the air) is used and abused in every possible IT discussion with customers. So the promise of the WL products is something like you can run this docker/VM everywhere seamlessly? I do believe that MM code at this moment has more possibilities running in the common notebook environment but with investments going to the cloud that might (must?) change. I Would like to hear more.

Just one more instance of the confusion created by the plethora of Wolfram products!

(Not unlike when I go to the supermarket to buy tomato juice, or toothpaste, or corn flakes, and am confronted with a bewildering variety of a single brand.)

Posted 4 years ago

Ah, the tyranny of choice.

Posted 4 years ago

Liked the article

Too much choice, concluded Sheena Iyengar of Columbia University and Mark Lepper of Stanford, is demotivating.

The comment on the german supermarkets is hilarious (and a bit true I think)

What's it gonna be boy?.... WL or MM?

Product Diversification

The simple explanation for extensive product diversification is being marketing's great attempt to exploit willingness to pay. Done badly however, a great amount of diversification irritates and confuses costumers with uncertain outcome in the long run.

Since most people -- I would strongly argue this -- are rather confused by the Wolfram product universe we do have to get the impression that "knowledge-based computing" is really all about knowing better about how computing should be done (let's hope that the Wolfram universe is a benevolent and far-sighted dictatorship ...). :)

Cheers, Guido

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