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qmDirac: Quantum Beta Testers wanted

Posted 7 years ago

Dear community, I am the main author of an old Quantum Mechanics add-on for Mathematica. We are not updating it anymore because we are creating a totally new Quantum Mechanics package, it will be very likely called qmDirac. The old Quantum Mathematica was very difficult to update, because through the years I wrote a messy source code. Our new qmDirac package is in a very early stage of development, however it would be great for me if you or your students try to use it, and let me know your thoughts and suggestions, this is the link:

Please take into account that the old Quantum Mathematica and the new qmDirac are not compatible, you cannot copy-paste from one to the other, neither use one file with symbols from one with the other, it will not work. As I said, the new qmDirac is in a very early stage, I believe you might find it is slow, or perhaps even wrong, in some calculations; please let us know if that is the case, as well as suggestions for new commands of functionality that you would like to use. And, well, we do not have any real documentation yet, just very few examples, without any explanation, in this link: Anyway I hope our efforts can be of some help to your research and teaching work. Hope to hear from you or from your students soon in this forum.



POSTED BY: Jose Gomez
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