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Display dynamic data?

Posted 2 years ago
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So i tried to display data dynamically but it dosent work.

When i put Dynamic[data, UpdateInterval -> 2] where my data is FinancialData["NASDAQ:AAPL"],when i press shift i can see the current value of the data but it dosent update it with the dynamic function. What am i doing wrong ?

Same when i put

Dynamic[DateListPlot[data, Joined -> True], 
 SynchronousUpdating -> False]

,if i press shift i receive a message saying

DateListPlot::ldata: 1.1231` is not a valid dataset or list of datasets.

I hope soemone can help me.Thanks

(1) For right now, FinancialData["NASDAQ:AAPL"] isn't working because of issues with Yahoo's Financial Service. You can see more about this on the forum:

(2) If you re-evaluate FinancialData yourself, you'll see that it doesn't change. FinancialData probably updates itself once every 15 minutes or so depending on the query. It depends a lot based on what service you are using, what they can legally give you, and what they can afford to give you.

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