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Avoid parse error uploading to Wolfram Demonstration Project?

Posted 2 years ago
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I'm trying to make my (first) Wolfram Demonstration Project but when I upload I get "Parse Error" and no other information. Had two fail in exactly the same way: "parse error" (the 2nd made specifically to try something "more typical"). Wolfram doesn't leave an email on the site of how to Contact them.

From the Mathematica 11 main frame/canvas menu I used "New->Demonstration". I used the website upload area, choose the file, and uploaded it. (at first i tried uploading as CDF, which also didn't work)

One is this easiy so I can't understand the error unless "Raster is not allowed"


(I used Raster because the "real deal" is not allowed, i.e. would need compilation of a single C source file. But it is so simple I can't see how there would be a "parse error")

The other one is still a small matter: it makes a Package called Resistor`. It has just a very low key Module that has output of a MatrixForm number table and a color graphic (obviously depends on manipulation choices). I can't think of rule it might break.

I need help in either finding out which email at wolfram to use for Contact or better yet what causes "Parse error" or "more information about the upload failure. Any of the three is good. I don't want to call WR's main number for a demo because I assume that's "not part of Mathematica and a separate site". But maybe I should use contact features on the main WR site?

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