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CDF templates for creating textbook notes?

Posted 4 years ago
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I purchased the license for Mathematica 11 and got it installed this week, So far I'm having a great learning experience with it. One of the most highlights of purchasing Mathematica was CDF documentation . I would like to create notes on textbooks by using the exact same feature as shown on this website: Link.

Is this a template created by Mathematica, how do I go about creating a CDF such as this for a textbook I am learning.

2 Replies

I'm not sure I understand the question. A CDF is just a different form of a Mathematica notebook that is meant to be shared.

To create a CDF document, you create a Mathematica notebook with the content you want. You can then save it as a CDF document.

This example is appealing, I would like to make my own notes for any textbook I read from. And save it as CDF so that it acts like a comprehensive textbook solely for my purpose.

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