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Periodic Table Of Elements 4 Mathematica 11.1

Posted 1 year ago
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Newly release for Mathematica 11.1 compatibility.

"Periodic Table Of Elements 4 Mathematica" package has data laden periodic tables generated using Graphics and allows (end-user) to make a new style in a somewhat easy manner.

4 different size / styles are pre-made and generating from notebook is not required. The PTE are nice looking and easily scrolled with an iPhone / iPad for quick reference, can be printed enlarged.


The above is one of 4 styles pre-made: it is 1/2 wide (1/2 data displayed), lanthanide-actinide series (as opposed to fully wide), and has fewer tables (since others dont fit). The data is older (to avoid possible copy infringement) but sources notated, and has been very recently hand checked to insure against (functional) error.

One feature is data change: at least 17 kinds built-in and ability to pull other data/item to put in a custom chart suited better for a field of study.

The key feature is layout and read-ability (ie, legibility when small and large and whether space is wasted when large, ability to be enlarged and viewed well at a distance). Poor layout from sloppy conversions, when enlarged, will be very large here too small there and have lots of wasted space. Spark Charts (some may be familiar with) were carefully laid out by hand for visibility/usability. The package uses Graphics to plot text and get tight layout rather than using nested Cell of Boxes, Grids, Row, etc. (obviously there is some tools and ability to modify layout within)

(some pte only fit a few items in and waste most of the space, whereas a Spark Chart is the size of paper, displays several items, and is a great companion if studying chemistry whether on paper or using iPhone)

A workbook is included that has some other features, functions, and chem data in it, such as a quantum number state matrix maker, a representation of electron fill order versus shell order, and more. (stuff not used in final charts)


1/2 width 1/2 data style, 1 of 4 styles

enter image description here

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