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OOP evaluation for image filtering exampled from Wolfram Demonstration

Posted 2 years ago
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This project is to illustrate the Mathematica OOP power for the image filtering models using an example from the Wolfram Demonstration Project. In this time, selected example is "Triangular Raster" presented by Machi Zawidzki.

The image filtering may be a field of Mathematica OOP because each filter component can be represented by an instance constructed from the filter component class. For this image filter model, OOP advantage can be found in simple code structure because each filter component is represented by the instance which has local parameters such as component position, size, and the filter function.

In this case, filter is represented with a relatively large number of components as ~2000 or greater, "Mnipulate" function return "$Abort" for initialization, however, your following action such as changing resolustion clears this problem, and your computer memory size is critical for the execution time.

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