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[✓] Multiplicate these terms using Wolfram|Alpha?

Posted 2 years ago
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This is my first time using WA and also it was a looong time since I took an Algebra class, and now I am taking Calculus. While I understand the terms and procedures, I get lost in the algebra parts.

Consider this part of an exercise and see the multiplication in the numerator:


As you can see, the product from the multiplication on the fraction numerator according to my professor, is (x^2 + x) - x^2 but when I try to multiply that numerator in WA, the result is x = 0. Is this because WA is just giving me the value of x? Here is my input on WA:

Solve (sqrt(x^2+x) - x) (sqrt(x^2+x) + x)

So what can I do to obtain same results as we do in class?

Please... thank you!!

2 Replies

You don't need the word "Solve", i.e. your input must be simply:

(sqrt(x^2+x) - x) (sqrt(x^2+x) + x)

and the result is x.

Look at what W|A claims as its interpretation of the input. That "solve" has it trying to find where the product is zero. Sonce the product simplifies to x, you get that x=0.

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