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Basic program for Control Systems

Posted 4 years ago
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Aquí tienes una interfaz dinámica en la que puedes visualizar la respuesta temporal, el lugar de las raíces y el diagrama de Bode de tu sistema realimentado introduciendo sus funciones de transferencia. Puedes cambiar de una forma sencilla los parámetros de tu sistema para ver cómo varían las salidas en tiempo real.

Here you have a dynamic interface in which you can visualize the temporal response, root locus plot and Bode diagram of your realimented system introducing the transfer functions. You can easily change the parameters of your system to see how the output changes in real time.

The Program

También tienes una guía que te ayudará a familiarizarte rápidamente con los controles.

There is also a guide that will hep you get familiar with the controls quickly.

NOTE: The program and the guide are in Spanish because I developed the project in this language as it is my mother tongue.

2 Replies

Your very short comment above is a very truncated description of your work. You have made a dynamic interface for those concepts where you can freely change the transfer function of the system. As it is, it can not be sent to the demonstrations project due to the input text fields, but with some (akward) modifications it could.

You should add a screenshot to this thread.

Buen trabajo!

Thank you very much!

The reason why it is so short and so badly done is because I made it really fast due to the need of sending the link to a professor for the next course. In a couple of days I will improve it a lot (I'm preparing a quick guide also).

And yes, I thought about the demonstrations project but I discarded it because it will take me so much time to edit it and I prefer to invest my time in other programs.

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