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Use Wolfram|Alpha for computations that google sheets can't handle?

Posted 2 years ago
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When trying to use the = combin (x,y) function in google sheets, any x value over 1029 is outside of the range sheets can handle. I downloaded the wolfram alpha add-on, but the problem is if I input the formula in sheets = combin (1030, y), then it immediately returns the #NUM! error, which the add-on tries to compute instead of, for example, = combin (10, 4) which it can handle just fine. Does anyone know how to get around this?

The other problem I am having is the returned result replaces the formula, essentially killing the dynamics of the sheet. It will replace the underlying forumal of 'combin (10, 4)' with 210, instead of just displaying the 210. If I instead use =combin (b4, c4) and perform a computation with the add-on then it will display the correct result, but it will also replace the formula with the numerical result, leaving the cell useless for future computations.

Is there any way to avoid these problems with the add-on, or is there a way to import the cell/computation into wolfram, perform the computation, and display the result in the google sheets cell, all without affecting the underlying formula?

Thanks a ton.

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