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Mathematica 11.2 Release

Posted 3 years ago
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Mathematica 11.2 is now available! This latest version expands Mathematica's cutting-edge functionality in audio and image processing, mathematical computation and machine learning—plus much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Audio and Image Processing

Mathematical Computation

Machine Learning

  • Classify and Predict have new training methods, built-in models, progress reporting and TimeGoal for limiting training times
  • New feature types for extracting audio, sequences and word vectors from data
  • WMLF and MXNet formats for import/export of neural networks and other machine learning models
  • Expanded options and methods for various neural network layer types

Version 11.2 also includes a number of new import/export formats, interpreter types and low-level performance optimizations. Programming is more flexible than ever with new functionality for initialization, background tasks and network programming, as well as new interfaces for external interpreted languages.

For more details about these and other new additions, read through Stephen Wolfram's launch-day blog post and take a look at the Summary of New Features in 11.2.

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