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Use mouse for vertex editing or mesh bending ?

Posted 1 year ago
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Is there any CAD gui vertex editing in MMA whatsoever?

ie. can mouse be used for vertex editing or mesh bending in 2D or 3D within MMA front-end? Is there any add-on that does simple editing (note: that is not a $2000 expensive addon i can't fund)?

System Modeler (i can't afford it) may - might - but I cannot tell from product writeup if it has a CAD interface included.

(There are big suites like sketchup, but it seems like MMA's Import/Export from these are barely supported (I might be wrong), and definitely don't export well (cannot a whole plot3d with mult. objects - maybe 1 Graphics3D obj can export at best). I'm unsure what need those are if one could do the more basic CAD editing in MMA front-end. Something like sketchup is big to install and use even if free - thus I'm avoiding.)

thank you

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