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Knowledge base for my Voice Assistant

Posted 1 year ago
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Hello everyone. I'm Mukul Sharma from India, I'm an engineering student and as a part of my interest and academics I'm making a project. The project is voice based Assistant much like Siri or google now. I developed it using python. Its a modular assistant with User Interface, speech to text, text to speech etc. But an assistant needs to be smart, it must have a knowledge base from which it can answer the questions of its user. I was lagging this part. Since google or another platform don't give any google answer api or direct link to their knowledge base, I was loosing hope for my project. But then I find Wolfram Alpha, and its knowledge base surprised me, because its knowledge base is much like an assistant. For e.g. if you ask an assistant, "What is laplace of sine of t?" then it should give an answer, where as google gives a link which is favorable for mobile or pc but not for voice based assistant, I find the concept of wolfram astonishing. But there was limit of 2000/month. And since my project is currently in testing so I need to check it over various commands and everyone knows that testing takes much more resources than actual product. So 2000/moth were too short for me. Then I contacted the wolfram and explained my problem, I got a quick and helpful response from Ish. The wolframalpha as a company is very generous to give me quota of 20000/month for my research project on Voice based Assistant. Because of this quota I can work on my project and enhance its capabilities. I sincerely thanks Ish as well for helping me getting this quota. Also if anyone from the wolfram community want to help me develop an open source Voice based Assistant, you are always welcome

my mail id: Again thanks to Ish and Wolframalpha for helping me out in my research project.

To increases chances of responses and help, you should start from a clear call to collaboration, outline the stricture of your project, specifically what exactly do you plan to do with Wolfram Technologies and what you expect other people to help you with. Also for successful networking, especially collaboration, filling out your profile in detail is highly recommended:

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