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Get all entries of a Databin?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi, I recently started to use Data Drop to store sensor data for analysis and visualization, Creating the bin was easy and my Python program on my Raspberry Pi writes data to it via the Web API. When I refer to it in Mathematica on my Mac (as Databin["psyLf0X2"] ) it tells me it has 6 entries and every time I evaluate it again that does not change. However when I look in My Databins it actually has 14 entries... Why is it not updated? What am I missing?

3 Replies

When you run Values on you databin in Mathematica, how many values do you get?

When you say that you see that it has 14 entries, where are you seeing this? On the Wolfram Datadrop website?

When I run Values now on my databin : I get 14 (two sets of 14 values actually) which corresponds with what I expect. Yesterday I saw that too in the Admin dashboard of Datadrop and when I looked at my data in from Wolfram Alpha.

And now (from a session with the cloud reader) I see that it shows Name: Poseidonbin Entry count: 14 in the ‘grey box’ that I got when evaluating Databin[“psyLf0X2”] However when I did the same evaluation from a Mathematica session yesterday, it always returned Entry count: 6 although it already had 14 entries.... Could it be a caching thing?

I repeated the situation: I created a new Databin from Mathematica on my Mac and I added values to it from a Python script on a Raspberry Pi. When I refer to that bin on my Mac again, it does not show the actual number of entries. (it shows 0 instead of 3) However when I ask for its Values it does fetch the 3 actual values that the bin contains. (see attached screenshot of my Mma notebook) Why does Oma show an incorrect number?


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