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My Mathematica keeps asking for Activation Key on startup?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi all,

Upon startup, every now and then, my Mathematica program will ask for an activation key. It is not expired.I will go on the Wolfram User Portal to find my activation key, and I will enter it. It will not work. I will have to uninstall and redownload Mathematica.

Does anybody have any suggestions or know what may be causing this issue?

Best, N

2 Replies

One thing you can check is if there is another Mathematica process running (e.g. a previous one was not ended correctly). This might give similar problem.

I can start two Mathematica program processes, but when I try to start a third one, I got this message:

Mathematica cannot find a valid password.

For automatic Web Activation enter your activation key


I would recommend contacting Technical Support. They should have the tools and know-how to assist you.

Be sure to include information on your operating system and what version of Mathematica you are using in your request.

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