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Why this simple case of watershed segmentation fails?

Posted 2 years ago
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The question has been posted on StackExchange.

I tried a simple experiment today with WatershedComponents. I took this image from: (readers should use the image from the link above and crop the image themselves, rather than using the image directly below)

enter image description here

then I binarized the image

bin = Binarize[img];

the distance transform of the image yields dist:

dist = DistanceTransform[bin]//ImageAdjust;

enter image description here

Now to determine the seeds:

seeds = MaxDetect[dist]; (* notice two nice seeds in the image *)

enter image description here

finally using WatershedComponents i get this:

WatershedComponents[bin, seeds] // Colorize

enter image description here

Note: This is clearly how they should not be segmented. In contrast please see the segmentation performed by Matlab (link mentioned above). I tried using different methods but could not get a proper segmentation. What am i doing wrong?

Try with applying the watershed segmentation directly to the ridge lines:

ridgelines = RidgeFilter[bin, 3] // ImageAdjust
wsc = WatershedComponents[ridgelines, seeds];
wsc // Colorize
HighlightImage[img, wsc // Image // Binarize // ColorNegate]

enter image description here

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