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Harmonic Fourier analysis of output voltage

I am analysing distortion analysis of an Op-amp. I have extracted equation of output voltage made out from just input voltage (the only parametere is an input voltage). Now with the help of Mathematica I'd like to derive different harmonics of output voltage made by input (input voltage is Acos(wt) ). I tried command "FourierSeries" but it couldn't help me. If someone has worked in this field please help me
vout = Ro*b*(wo/
    lo)*(VDD - VDD -
     VDS5 - ((((I5 - (It/2) - (b/4)*(w1/l1)*A1*
               Vid*((4*It/(b*(w1/l1))) - A1*(Vid^2))^0.5)*2*
            l6)/(w6*(VGS6 - Vt)^2)) - 1)/lamda; -Vt)^2
Although I'm a Mathematica-newbie, you first should check your code. There are some inconsistencies, for example: VDD vanishes, what about the semicolon ( following ' lamda')? Why are there the many unnecessary parentheses?
POSTED BY: Peter Bischet
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