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Solve equations in the package GaloisField?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi all, i'm new here and i need help, i'm working with the package GaloisField and over field GF[2^m] with m>1. What i really need is to know wich x, y in GF[8], for example, satisfies the equation x^2+xy^ay^2=b, where a and b are choosen elements of the field. Or i need to solve at least the equation x^2+cx+a=b, with c,a,b in the field.. I was able to solve x^2+a=b and ax+c=b, but when i put the equation x^2+cx+a=b it doesn't work.. anyone can help me please? Thanks

In[55]:= Solve[x^2 + F8[2] == F8[4], x]  
Out[55]= {{x -> F8[5]}, {x -> F8[5]}}

In[56]:= Solve[x*F8[2] + F8[3] == F8[5], x]  
Out[56]= {{x -> F8[3]}}

In[57]:= Solve[x^2 + x*F8[2] + F8[4] == F8[7], x]  
Out[57]= {{x -> 0}, {x -> 0}}
3 Replies

What is the package GaloisField? Is there some reason to believe it would be compatible with built-in Solve?

Posted 1 year ago

Daniel, The OP might be referring to the package FiniteFields, which comes with the standard MMA installation.

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