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MultiColumn + ArrayPlot

Posted 3 years ago
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Here's an idea for a new function. I don't know what its name should be but it would be nice to make some of the graphics you see in A New Kind of Science (Wolfram 2002) like this one of rule 1599

code 1599

like the one found on p.70 The idea is to take an array and instad of just plotting it with ArrayPlot you slit it into columns first.

Maybe it is a combination of ArrayPlot and Multicolumn that would automatically rearrange narrow arrays, e.g.,

Row[Map[ArrayPlot,  ArrayReshape[#, {3, Quotient[Length[#], 3], Length[#[[1]]]}]] &[
                                                        CellularAutomaton[{1599, {3, 1}}, {RandomInteger[2, 150], 0}, 499]]]
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