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Posted 4 years ago
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Wolfram|Alpha Bot is now available!

I decided a while ago when I created the Wolfram|Alpha .NET library that I should create something meaningful with it. After all, with that library, interacting with the WolframAlpha API from C# has never been easier.

After a bit of development I developed Wolfram|Alpha Bot, and with the approval of Facebook it has been released to the general public.

You may interact with it through it's facebook page:

Go ahead and try it! Here are some examples of what you can ask it:

Keep in mind that neither the library nor the bot are an official product of Wolfram Research.

bot1 bot2 bot3


Original post in Wolfram Community Forums:

Wolfram|Alpha .NET repository:

Wolfram|Alpha .NET NuGet package:

2 Replies

Hi, there is also an Telegram-bot available which has exactly the same name...have you created it? Looks great, but inside a group it reacts to everything...would it be possible to make it an inline-bot so that it only react if you write directly to it?

Posted 1 year ago

When I click on the link:

I Get:

This content isn't available right now

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