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Dynamic List Plot of Serial Input in Mathematica via Arduino Serial.Print()

Posted 1 year ago
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Hey everybody, I'm trying to read the serial input of my USB Port into Mathematica dynamically to create a live ListPlot. My Arduino Uno sends strings in the format of a pair via Serial.print() to the Serial Port:


(the constant Output "{0,1}\n" is just a test value)

In Mathematica 11 I connect to the Serial Port via DeviceOpen[] and start a Task that reads out the Buffer Data on my Arduino and converts it to a string. Then I split that string into substrings at any "\n" to get pairs and interpret them in Wolfram Language as a pair. I add these pairs to a list and then Plot that list dynamically via ListLinePlot[].


My Problem is that Mathematica doesn't read that data correctly and mostly mashes up the data and crashes.

It would be great if you guys could help me out with that!


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