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Avoid failure while using SemanticImport?

Posted 1 year ago
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I have the latest version of Mathematica. The command SemanticImport is not working properly. Actually it is not working with the examples provided in the documentation.

sales = SemanticImport["ExampleData/RetailSales.tsv"]

4 Replies

What version of OSX are you running? We've seen this problem on newer OSX versions. Fortunately, the developer has created an update to get around this. This code will return what version of SemanticImport is installed:

"Version" /. PacletInformation["SemanticImport"]

After you run that, try running this (when you're online):


This should install a newer version of SemanticImport. Let us know if this doesn't work for you.

Thanks a lot Sean. But unfortunately the suggestion did not work.

For: "Version" /. PacletInformation["SemanticImport"]

I get:


When I try the second command I get a message saying "No newer version of the paclet could be found".

Seems to be an issue with the new Macs. I have Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2.

I think I might have an old version of the Paclet,

In[9]:= "Version" /. PacletInformation["SemanticImport"]

Out[9]= "0.0.458"

But, when try the command


Nothing shows...

That is the correct version. PacletUpdate won't do anything.

Are you experiencing similar problems? If so, I would contact wolfram technical support.

They might have more information. What OS and version of Mathematica are you using? What happens when you try to run documentation examples for SemanticImport? Do you see any improvement when you try to run thru this article:

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