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IdealizedContact 2.0 library in WSM 5.0

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi All,

Has anyone downloaded the package in the subject line and used in WSM?

I have but when I try to run Example1, I get the following error: Error: Class specialization violation: .Modelica.Icons.TypeString is a type, not a connector.

Has anyone run into this and know the fix?

Bottom line is I am trying to extend the rigid bar drop problem (see about 15 posts down) to now a brick (or thin plate). I was hoping the IdealizedContact library would make this straight forward as I am looking to understand the second and third impacts.

I tried extending the bar results using the Stewart Platform as a guide but I am not experienced enough with the tool to make that work. If there is an easy way to do this that I am missing, please let me know.

Thanks in advance. George

7 Replies
Posted 5 months ago

Hello George,

I came across your old post since I'm having the same problem using the IdealizedContact library. I've contacted technical support at Wolfram and their response is it's not a supported library. Did you ever find a way to use it?


Posted 5 months ago

Hi Randy,

Unfortunately I was not able to get it to work. :(

I am not a SM wizard; so after struggling a bit, I found another way to solve my problem.

If you have any luck please let me know.


Posted 5 months ago

The specific error you mentioned will be fixed in next release but, we looked at the library and found some problems with it, like the fact that the following equations in SphericalContactSurface:

connect(shape.frame_a, frame_a);
connect(shape.frame_a, contact_a.frame); 

and in one of its inherited class PartialContactSurface:

connect(frame_a, fixedFrame.frame_a) ;
connect(fixedFrame.frame_a, body.frame_a);
connect(frame_a, contact_a.frame);

create an over-constrained connection set.

There are dedicated Modelica functions to solve this issue, therefore I suggest you report it to the library developers.

We looked at this a bit more and made a small patch of the library to avoid the over-constrained equation set. This combined with a bug fix made it work according to our quick tests (basically running through a few of the examples to check if they seemed to work). In case you are interested to try this solution you can contact us.

Posted 5 months ago

Hello Jan,

I am very interested and am in the process of making contact. I very much appreciate your work on this. Thank you.


Posted 5 months ago

Hi Jan,

Thank you for working on this. I would like to try and run your examples and then see if I can implement in my original model. Please let me know how I can get these models and the updated library.

thanks again, George

Hi Randy and George,

You can send an email to and we will assist you.



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