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Get output price to Sales Ratio for Stock on 1/1/11?

Posted 1 year ago
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I need a simple code to output Price to Sales on 1/1/11 for the desired stock. I am using the online computable notebook if that matters.

For my previous data, price to earnings I used the following code:

Entity["Financial", "NASDAQ:GOOGL"][EntityProperty["Financial", "PriceEarningsRatio", {"Date" -> DateObject[{2011, 1, 1}]}]]

However I believe this code cannot call price to sales ratio. So I am trying to use the FinancialData command as follows

FinancialData["MSFT", "PriceToSalesRatio", {"Jan. 1, 2011", "Jan. 2, 2011"}]

The code returns Missing[NotAvailable] no matter the stock or date I choose. However when I enter "MSFT p/s 1/1/11" directly into Wolfram Alpha's website it returns a value so I know the information is available.

Can someone help with this?


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