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Use Wolfram Finance for regions other than US?

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi, new to wolfram here. I've just found out that Wolfram has this intuitive Finance platform (database from Bloomberg). Is it possible to use Wolfram Finance to compute/analyze data for regions other than the US? Would appreciate if someone can show me how.

2 Replies

Do you by any chance mean Thomson Reuters? This video explains how to connect there:

Financial Data Feeds in Wolfram Finance Platform

Wolfram Finance Platform accesses live market data feeds from data providers. Integrating these feeds with Wolfram technologies lets users incorporate real-time computation and monitor market behavior. This talk covers calls to connect, retrieve, and analyze real-time, historical, and intraday data from sources like Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters.

Posted 1 year ago

Hi Kapio, Sorry if I have confused you, I am new to all these terms.

What I meant is this: FinancialData["name of stock"]

Can I get the use the same function for stocks outside of the US?

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