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change speed setting for remote kernels?

Posted 1 year ago
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If you add remote kernels via menu Edit -> Preferences -> Parallel -> Remote Kernels they are all given the default value of Speed=1 which assumes that all machines are identical, but if one of them is much slower than the others, then it will slow down the computation instead of speeding it up, because all nodes will be given the same amount of work to do. This value is shown by the "Parallel Kernel Status" dialog if one enables it via "Select Columns..."

So, my question is: is it possible to change the Speed setting so as to help Mathematica 11 decide the optimal amount of work to give to each node? If so, how?

I have figured out that one can add options like KernelSpeed->0.8 to the {} in the configuration dialog. And then the Speed value is shown correctly in the Parallel Kernel Status, but a computation like this did not speed up:

ParallelTable[Count[RealDigits[N[Pi, 10^7]][[1]], k], {k, 0, 9}] // AbsoluteTiming

Instead it actually slowed down...

UPDATE: Never mind, I forgot to restart Mathematica for the settings to take effect :) So, yes, it does work correctly as expected.

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