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Use graphdata to plot linked numbers from a formula?

Posted 1 year ago
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Can someone help me make a graph linking all the numbers that come from the use of a formula. I would like to link 1->3 making it the variable x->y1->x2-> y2 or any of the combination xa->xb-> ya-Yc. When I use the graphdata command it seems to make only the graph that is on the documentary page. For instance using the lines and the formula: Thanks !!!

r1=r2-r2*Power[r2, (r2)^-1]
3 Replies

In other terms how can i convert the axis w, y, z into the variables used by the formulas v,r2,z?

This is not very clear. Please provide a small example, with input and desired output.

I have to type instead of showing because i still do not have any outcome. But what i wanted to do was to link the numbers of the result of the v to the result of r2 to the result of z in a manner that i have a shape 3d between the linking of the numbers, it would have a spatial 3d shape to the linking numbers such as coordinate (x,y,z)-> (x1,y1,z1) or in between numbers like (x,y1, z) inked to ( x2, y2, z2) and so on sothat i have a geometrical 3d structure that is represented by the linking of the coordnates given by each formula v,r2, z or else.

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