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Conditional subscript systems of equations

Posted 10 months ago
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I'm new to mathematica and I'm working through some economics problems. I've read through a lot of documentation and books, but I'm having a hard time understanding how to get mathematica to do some basic formula solving. In the system of equations below, would it be possible to get mathematica to correctly imput the form of the last equation (c3, t+2), if the equations above them where already defined as functions? I tried looking up conditional subscript formating, but I couldn't figure out how to 1). Define Nst as a subscripts, conditional on S 2). Then, when s=3, to guess that it should equal the final equation Apologies if I've somehow missed something basic about mathematica or posting on this forum. Thank you

enter image description here

I might be misunderstanding the nature of the question. It seems you want to work with subscripted variables in a situation where some subscript parts denote independent variables? If so, I would suggest separating into two steps.

(1) Use code that does not fight with the program, e.g. explicit functional dependence such as w[t+2] instead of a subscripted form thereof. So one of the equations might be c[1,t]+b[2,t+1]==w[t]

(2) After getting code that works, worry about reformatting with subscript notation, e.g. for purposes of presentation, if this is something you need to do.

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