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Mathematica Local WebServer on Mac OS X Failed to Start

Posted 11 months ago
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I recently watched the video class on Web Programming and Development and was greatly intrigued by the ability to serve web related work locally before CloudDeploy'ing. In the video class, the StartWebServer function was used so I immediately stopped the on demand video to try it out. After realizing the StartWebServer command was not "standard" (at least not found in the standard Mathematica docs), I was able to uncover it lives in HTTPHandling.

I'm running Mathematica on Mac OS 10.13.2 and executing the command below fails.

HTTPHandling`StartWebServer[ExportForm["Hello", "HTML"]]

The error message reported is:

WebServer: The HTTP server failed to start with error code None and stderr output:

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Perhaps there is some other dependency I need.


5 Replies

Thank you for your feedback. As stayed in the video, it is a demo of a future version. This functionality is still under development and not documented. Please stay tuned for the updates.

Posted 11 months ago

Ahh, so that explains it. Thanks for the quick update.

Re-listening to the course video, it's clearly stated within the first 30 seconds that 4 functions are going to be covered: 2 that are available in 10.3 and the other two "Upcoming Features". I think I got thrown off because the presenter says "you will see them in the next release of the Wolfram Language" so I assumed (that almost always gets me in trouble) 11.x would qualify as next release.

Knowing now that this feature is forthcoming and not expected to work at this time, I'll anxiously be watching out for all coming releases. Again, thanks for the quick response.


Yeah, when we gave the talk it wasn't even in builds. Now we've added it to the WL, but left it hidden in plain sight without documenting it because we knew it didn't yet have the level of polish and reliability our users would expect.

Posted 11 months ago

@Carlo Barbieri, totally understand. I actually prefer that it was added since according to some of my research it appears others have made some progress with it. Knowing that I'm not do anything wrong is OK for now as I [anxiously] wait for next releases until it does.

The fact that there will be a much better option than what I'm doing now with CloudDeploy to test things has me really excited. Thanks for your work in this area.


Posted 9 months ago

Good news, I just got around to trying this with the most recent 11.3 release and it WORKS!!!

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