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I enjoy coding in the FrontEnd (except it crashes and lookup across files does not exist), but I often miss 'hands on keyboard', customizable code templates.

E.g. I often forget to wrap an option name with quotes "_" or I'm starting a new function and would like to avoid retyping Attributes/Options Catch/Check etc. I don't like palettes for something that I need to do quickly and frequently. The are not 'hands on keyboard' either. So I created a little package/stylesheet, should work on Win/MacOs with MMA 10.4+

In case you are interested and/or have any ideas about this / similar features, let me know here or create an Issue in GitHub.

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Most up to date examples, setup and other details can be found in project's Readme.MD

POSTED BY: Kuba Podkalicki
5 Replies

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v0.7.0 (21-02-2018) support for V10.4

As of v0.7.0 code templates will work on V10.4, probably even in earlier versions but I need to check that.

For pre V11 a notebook approach is used instead of an AttachedCell based menu. To enable attached cell method in earlier versions you can run

CurrentValue[$FrontEnd, {TaggingRules, "DevTools", "MenuMethod"}] = "Cell" (*or "Notebook" *) 

but FE crashed for me once or twice and I was not able to reproduce circumstances so do it on your own risk.

POSTED BY: Kuba Podkalicki

v0.8.0 (06-07-2018) VerificationTest template

Wraps an expression with VerificationTest, automatically filling result and encountered messages slots.

POSTED BY: Kuba Podkalicki

v0.10+ NotebookActions

NotebookActions is a feature which is very similar to LiveTemplates but allows to use/customize a menu of arbitrary actions.

Items are even simpler:

<|"Label" -> _String,        "ShortKey" -> _String (*char*), "Action" :> _|>
<|"Label" -> "Print date",   "ShortKey" -> "p",              "Action" :> Print @ Now|>

See more in the Readme.MD and here is a custom example: Add spaces to Mathematica comment delimiters?

enter image description here

POSTED BY: Kuba Podkalicki

Wolfram should compensate you for doing their work for them. This is something Wolfram should have done a long time ago with Mathematica.

POSTED BY: Jules Manson
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